Monthly Archives: October 2016

Mind in the now

I have not had my running watch this week, which usually means ” oh no I cant run!” ..and I have been forced to live up to my own words, and ” run how you feel, get your mind and body in the ‘NOW”, NOT according to what the watch says”.. and it has been awsome! I have enjoyed it more, I feel like I have been running stronger, even up some of the nasty hills of Morningside, as I have not been trying to run further and faster so that I have a more impressive post on Strava, and not stressing about what pace I THINK I should be running, or how far my programe said I need to run today, but just learning to find my own natural rhythm, with my breath and foot steps, and running as far as my body feels it can go, today. . Maybe that is 4mins a km, maybe its 7mins a km, the point is that I am taking the time to get up and do something good for myself, remove myself from the real world for a while, and stop chasing a clock, which we do all the time, all day at work, between deadlines, to get to the gym/ run on time.. With the last weekend of my yoga training coming up this weekend, I have realised how much Yoga has taught me about life in general, not just how well we do postures, and how “cool” we look while doing them, Not how much faster or better we run compared to everyone else, but how we feel, right now, in the present moment and time. Not competing with anybody else, but our minds. What an amazing journey it has been, and I cannot wait to teach everybody what I have learnt. So grateful for this incredible “journey” that I set myself on this year. Namaste’ 🙂