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I love action,  adventure, outdoors, the weird and wonderful, laughter, sunrises and sharing it all with good friends, a coffee, or a glass of wine 🙂 I run, surf and yoga everyday if possible. I am a passionate designer for an exhibitions and events based company, in Durban , South Africa. I love to paint and draw from my experiences and personal photos that I have taken, especially of the people, sites and scenes of our colourful city of Durban.

I am a newly qualified Yoga instructor, and would love to teach the world what I know, and share the benefits and love that I have learnt from this incredible, dynamic, and big world of Yoga. I am hoping to target my yoga at fellow endurance sporstmen and woman, runners and surfers especially, and teach them to get their minds and bodies in the ” Now”, rather than place too much focus on competing with others. Focus on how the activity that you are partaking in is making you feel right now, how far can you push yourself NOW? What are you learning from it?


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